Caronport High School Offers One-of-a-Kind Christian ESL Program Shin


CHS gives international high school students a unique, safe and enriching Canadian high school experience. Providing a holistic Christian education in a nurturing community, students learn and grow through academics and life on campus.

Caronport High School, situated in Caronport, Saskatchewan, has been providing outstanding education since 1946. We offer an EAL program that goes beyond the traditional classroom to give international students the "real" Canadian experience. Students are immersed in the experience of a lifetime through engaging with Canadian culture, going on local and regional fieldtrips, deepening their faith and growing in their proficiency of the English language, all while obtaining an excellent high school education.

"'CHS has long been home to students from all over the globe,'" says Principal Deborah Ike. "'We are blessed and privileged to share our small Saskatchewan town with the nations of the world. I am so excited that we can offer a high-quality program like this; having listened to and learned from our former and current international students, we believe that we have refined our program to meet the unique needs of EAL learners in a truly unique way.'"

The program is special in that students stay and study on the high school campus in a nurturing dorm and school environment. Students enjoy close community, create deep friendships and receive mentoring from the school's faculty and our International Program Coordinators, all while being spiritually supported. As for academics, the EAL Program offers intensive, front-loaded EAL language study complemented by compulsory courses in the humanities, the maths and the sciences, in addition to elective courses in the applied and fine arts. Qualifying pupils are given opportunities to take first-year college courses to further prepare them for post-secondary studies, all with a strong Christian foundation.

Sophie Tai, a CHS alumnus from Hong Kong, describes her experience at Caronport High School: "I really appreciate how the school embeds spiritual elements [into] the classes' curricula; that made me learn more than just knowledge from the text book…that is something that I have taken with me even after graduating."

Caronport gets a little bigger and a little more international every fall as students from around the globe join our full-service program--and celebrate life, love, learning and the Lord with us!


*Please note that the Canadian education system generally refers to learners of English as a non-native language as EAL (English as an Additional Language) students or ELL (English Language Learners); in the rest of our web site, we use the term ESL (English as a Second Language) to describe our programming as this term is most common in international contexts.

**Please note: ENGLISH+ students = new and returning international and/or ESL students

Coming to CHS was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Taking my courses while in a God-filled environment was an incredible experience.
Liam Tieszen