Tuition Waiver Calculation

For visiting our campus find out how much of a tuition waiver you are eligible to receive by calculating your distance to the Briercrest campus in Caronport, SK.

  • If you are coming from between 171km and 300 km, and you are travelling from within Saskatchewan, you will receive a $100 waiver.
  • If you are coming from further than 300km, and you are from Saskatchewan, you will receive a $200 waiver.
  • If you are coming from Alberta, Manitoba, Montana or North Dakota, you will receive a $300 waiver.
  • If you are coming from beyond the Alberta, Manitoba, Montana or North Dakota borders, you will receive a $500 waiver.

Eligibility for Tuition Waiver

A student who is new to the institution (i.e. have not previously enrolled in an on-campus program or course) and is enrolling in a full-time, on-campus credit program at any one of our three schools are eligible for a tuition waiver.

  1. If the student has participated in an official visit of our campus within fourteen months of his/her registration date, he/she is eligible for this partial tuition waiver.
  2. An official tour involves registration to Briercrest with the help of an Enrolment Services member, and completing a formal tour of our campus with a Recruitment or staff member.

Note: a student's home community must be a distance of 170 km or more from Caronport, SK, in order to be eligible for the waiver.

If you have any questions about the Student Travel Incentive, or if you'd either like to schedule a campus visit or to speak with a Recruitment Representative, please feel free to contact our office by using the contact information below!

Phone: 1-800-667-5199
Twitter: @AskBriercrest
Briercrest College and Seminary
Attention: Admissions
510 College Dr.
Caronport, SK
S0H 0S0


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